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Bernina L 450 Serger

Working with an overlocker means saving time and stitching fast. Sewing projects take shape quickly and with little effort. Innovative features make BERNINA overlockers delightfully easy to use, ensuring professional quality down to the very last stitch. The overlocker is the perfect companion to a sewing machine.

Micro Thread Control (mtc) The patented mtc makes over-the-edge thread loops disappear with a quick flip of a lever. This saves time and effort while ensuring consistent high-quality stitches, professional-looking seams and finished edges.

Ultimate Comfort The BERNINA L 450 offers great sewing comfort. The two LED lights give bright light not only by the needles, but also in the looper threading area. The differential feed ensures wave-free seams in knits and no puckering in fine fabrics. The most commonly used accessories are located in the looper cover, neatly arranged and ready to be used. A perfectly fitted cut-offs bin not only holds the cut-off fabrics, but also serves as foot control storage.

Precise and Flexible The L 450 runs smoothly at any sewing speed. It cuts and finishes different thicknesses and types of fabric with ease and high precision

Easy Threading The manual needle threader allows for easy and ergonomic threading. It is simple to thread the lower looper thanks to the lower looper threader. The color-coded threading path and the handwheel positioning window help you thread quickly. For your convenience, there is a thread cutter on the left cover.

Features and Functions of the BERNINA L 450 Stitch Variations L 450 Total number of stitches 16 4-thread overlock 1 3-thread overlock (wide/narrow) 2 3-thread super-stretch 1 3-thread flatlock (wide/narrow) 2 3-thread narrow seam 1 3-thread rolled hem 1 3-thread picot stitch 1 2-thread overlock (wide/narrow) 2 2-thread flatlock (wide/narrow) 2 2-thread rolled hem 1 2-thread wrapped overlock (wide/narrow) 2 Comfort Features L 450 Lower looper threader  Color-coded threading path  Lay-in threading system  Handwheel position indicator  Thread tension release when presser foot raised  Stitch length fine tuning for rolled hem  Adjustable stitch length while sewing  Adjustable differential feed while sewing  Accessories in looper cover  2 LED sewing lights  Technical Specifications L 450 Micro Thread Control (mtc)  3–9 mm overlock seam width  Upper knife drive from below  2-step front presser foot lift  5-step presser foot pressure  Rolled hem lever built into stitch plate  Motor AC Sewing speed, stitches per minute 1200 Standard Accessories L 450 Standard overlock presser foot  Upper looper converter  Seam guide  Set of needles  Tools and accessories in a separate box  Cut-offs bin  Dust cover 

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